Take a peek behind the scenes……..

What is the question I get asked the most……

How do you make chalk?


Here is a glimpse behind the scenes into what we do.

  • We have a Poppa’s secret recipe this is a family guarded secret that we use make chalk. Who is Poppa? that is my daughters Poppas (my father-in-law). Poppa had been making footpath chalk in his garden shed in the backyard for many years until he passed away in 2013. This is when we took over and reinvented chalk creating all the different fun shapes we have today.
  • The secret recipe you ask……. all I can say is it’s a mixture of two different powders, water and colour, we are proud that our chalk is all environmentally friendly and safe for little kids.
  • We have the trusty old Kenwood mixer, yes just like Nana has in her kitchen this old girl has made many of
     batches of chalk all our ingredients go in and is mixed to a nice consistency, just like baking a cake! (this old girl has now been replaced by a newer model, that doesn’t groan as much)
  • We have our one of a kind footpath stick moulds. These are 100% unique and what Poppa had used for many years. Our footpath chalk is a semi-circular shape that makes it easy for smaller children to hold. Every piece is hand poured into one of a kind moulds before been left to set.


  • We have our fabulous chalk drying racks these are an essential part of the process. The chalk spends just over a week on these after coming out of there moulds. It is essential that all chalk is bone dry before packaging.

  • Then we have US (Husband and Wife team) we ensure each piece of chalk meets our high standards before been packaged by hand just for you. All our chalk is made and set in our laundry, then dried on drying racks in our dining room before been packaged in our lounge. 100% NZ made!




Still curious? Want to know more, just ask…


Sara 🙂