Hemi and the Whale Chalk Art- Tauranga


Friday 20th January saw many of all ages gather in Tauranga to create a seaside chalk art masterpiece. This chalk art event was run by C.I.T.Y = Colour In Tauranga Your way. The organisation takes inspiration from NZ children’s books to create a giant colouring book for many to help colour.

Inspired by Children’s book- Hemi and the Whale

This art piece was inspired by the children’s book Hemi And The Whale. Originally published in 1988 by Ron Bacon and illustrated by Tauranga local artist Sharon O’Callaghan. So in this book, Hemi rescues a stranded whale. And then spends the day pouring water on it until the tide returns and the whale can swim away.

During this event,

  • The public was invited to help colour in the outline provided by the organisers. With footpath chalk proudly sponsored by Poppas Chalk.
  • Enjoy a reading of the book Hemi and the whale that helped to inspire them.
  • Unleashed their creativity in the empty shells, the kids were encouraged to draw a memory of a time they helped or rescued someone who needed their help.
  • Ending in a one of a kind huge mural of Hemi and the Whale a giant colouring book bought to life.

Why don’t you create your own chalk creation…..  All you need to get started is some footpath chalk and your imagination.

Please send us any pictures we love to see. OR If you are looking for a sponsor for a public chalk event do get in touch.