Fundraising Ideas for Schools, Kindergartens & Child Care Centres

Hunting for healthy, fun and popular fundraising ideas? Look no further than Poppas Chalk! Our handmade children’s chalk is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe for children and it washes off everything!

Poppas Chalk Fundraising Ideas

As parents ourselves, we know just how hard it is for schools, kindergartens, sports clubs and child care centres to fundraise. After all, there are only so many sausage sizzles or raffle tickets you can sell! We’ve put together a list of fundraising ideas for you to help your organisation raise the money it needs. But relax. We’re not going to ask you to sell the unsellable! Instead you’ll have our very own kid friendly handmade chalk to sell to friends, family and community members.

Here’s how it works:

You earn between 20-40% of total sales of your selected Poppas Chalk products

You can collect orders via a form, purchase prior to selling or refer people to our website to purchase directly

You offer a healthy, environmentally friendly fundraising option people love!

Best Ways of Selling Poppas Chalk

Stuck when it comes to how you can sell Poppas Chalk with minimal effort and maximum profit? Don’t sweat it because there are plenty of ways to earn money for your organisation and they are all easy!

 Send out emails – let your fingers do the talking and send out an email to your organisation’s email subscribers.

 Include it in newsletters – add an order form to your weekly newsletter explaining why you are fundraising with Poppas Chalk and why it is better than a chocolate bar!

 Show samples – display samples of our handmade chalk at sign in desks, in the main office, even in the staff room. Hold an assembly where a few children stand on the stage and demonstrate the artwork they can create with it.
 Explain your fundraising cause – have a specific cause and financial goal to achieve for your fundraiser. By having a specific goal which people can see will benefit your organisation, people are more likely to purchase lots of chalk from you!
 Post on social media – there is nothing like posting on Facebook to get noticed! Photos of kids using Poppas Chalk, art competitions and even a small giveaway will get your fundraiser noticed for all the right reasons.
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