Not all the colours are the same, why?

Our chalk is handcrafted, which means all our chalk is unique and no two are the same. Although we follow a precise recipe, occasionally there will be different colour variants between each batch.

Is the chalk safe for my kids?

Yes, the chalk is non toxic and environmentally friendly produced with 100% New Zealand products.

My chalk is shiny and doesn’t work?

During the setting process when making the chalk it forms a ‘shiny’ layer on the outer. To get your chalk started just give it a rub on a rough surface it and you are away.

Will the chalk damage my driveway?

The chalk is safe to use anywhere from the driveway to the deck and fence. It washes off with water

I ordered a bulk lot of Bat chalk and they are not all the same, why?

All our chalk is handcrafted in small batches which can result in slight differences from batch to batch. We have a high standard and nothing leaves unless we are 100% happy to buy it ourselves. We believe the odd air bubble will only add to its uniqueness of our handcrafted product.

My Chalk has just arrived and is broken?

We take great care in packaging our products ready for shipping. If your chalk has had a rough trip getting to you, when arrives please contact us immediately and provide some photos so we can see how we can help.

Why is there air bubbles in my chalk?

As our chalk is handcrafted you can always expect some imperfections.