Counting Your Number Chalk Before They Hatch

Counting Your Number Chalk Before They Hatch

There’s no chickens here! Instead we’re counting our number chalk before they all hatch. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 to be precise! In fact, one pre-schooler recently had a fantastic time playing with his Poppas Chalk numbers and here is why …

Number Chalk is So Much Fun!

Scott is four years old. A typical boy, he loves mud, digging and tractors. He’s also partial to the number 4. So, when he saw his new packet of number chalk, his eyes went straight to the number 4! Gleefully he started drawing a road on the concrete for his cars to drive on. This quickly then changed to a loop for him to ride his bike on. But before the bike could come out, the loop then turned into a drawing of his Mummy.

Chalk is an amazing way to bring out the creativity in our children. Scott started off by doing what most kids do and that is draw. As he drew, his imagination grew too, with three different drawings merged into one. His artwork was also not limited to one small area. Boys find it hard to create something within a given area, such as a piece of paper. By allowing him as much room as he wants to create in, we are giving him the freedom to express himself.

Using Chalk Numbers as a Learning Tool

As parents, we want the best for our children. As they near school age, we want to ensure they get the best start possible. Often this involves teaching them to recognise the alphabet and numbers up to 10. As with Scott, many boys are not interested in traditional lessons and would much rather be outside. Using chalk shaped like numbers helps with number identification by:

  • Providing a physical object to develop tactile knowledge about
  • Making numbers fun and 3-dimensional
  • Linking their prior experiences with chalk into a more focused learning opportunity
  • Building positive memories

Scott was not up to ordering his chalk in numerical order, nor could he recognise any of the other numbers. That did not stop him knowing that he was playing with numbers and developing a positive experience with them. He is more likely to recognise these numbers again in the future, as he’ll have a pleasant and fun memory to draw upon.

Chalk is friendly and fun. You can’t not see it and want to touch and use it. Okay, some kids do taste it too, which is why if they are under three, we recommend adult supervision. You can buy your own NZ made chalk right here at Poppas Chalk, including our chalk number set too.

Remember, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity with chalk!